Mission Statement

Mission Statement

 I Sell women’s Shoes and Accessories.

 in hopes to gain not only their business but their trust

 so much so.

 We’re able to build a relationship that then creates a village of women and young girls inside of our communities who can depend on rely on and change one another’s lives

I hope that PLUSHer and Watering Flowers will be a source of hope, refuge, resource, and safety.

Safety Physically, mentally, and emotionally for women and girls EVERYWHERE specifically targeting Mothers and Daughters who have experienced adversity and suffering. I want to cultivate an environment for them to freely express connect, create, rebuild, receive and give back for generations to come. I believe targeting this dynamic in our communities will start a new way of being and thinking for ALL WOMAN, EVERYWHERE!!!! And because I cannot be everywhere all the time I create a space you can have access to at any time.

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