About PLUSHer

Welcome, and thank you for taking your time to visit my website. My name is Ly'Nae and I am the Creator and Owner of PLUSHer Shoetique LLC. The PLUSHer experience isn't all about spending your hard-earned coins although I encourage you to do so! but it's also about creating and facilitating an environment where I can do my best every day to offer something to Uplift, Inspire and Motivate my people. Especially my Momma bears, Sisters, and Young women. Life alone topped with society and our own goals and ambitions can be extremely hard and discouraging at times. And that's where PLUSHer comes in. I know what it feels like to not have, to feel alone, to desire but lack the motivation to even get out the bed some days. I was a teen mom without my mom or my dad and my choices made it so I had to learn a lot of hard lessons before I needed to! Through time and hard reflection, I realized that I couldn't do anything about the decisions I had made no matter how much I regretted them or how much those decisions influenced the Anxiety, Depression, Self Sabotage, and Isolation I started to feel and carry around. But what I did notice was that I needed to make myself HAPPY again. And that meant SWINGING back at the devil every time those thoughts would creep into my mind.

My way of boosting Confidence started at a young age. I would sneak into my aunty's room and try on her Shoes; High Heels. I also played dress-up a little with her accessories. Now I know we adults teach our children to not focus on the "Materialistic Things" of life but HUNNY.......... When I say I would wake up from a bad dream or just having a bad day and nothing would blanket me in joy or peace like playing dress-up did. I'm SERIOUS. ! I couldn't call anyone to vent, I didn't relate to anyone in my home or family but as soon as I went off and did that. Wheewww CHILLLLE I could do my chorus 10x over with a smile on my face. Not because of the Shoes or the Purse per se but because of the Feeling it gave me to push my shoulders back pick myself up out of a slumber and feel PRETTY again. And now I get the same Fulfillment inside from then till this day as a Mom, Sister, and friend when I pray and Help other young girls and women find their confidence again too. So Take a look around and I hope you find something that speaks to the little girl or boy in you or someone you know.

Happy Shopping & Thank you !